Giant unicorn floaties, runaway alarm clocks, foot hammocks and six other things you’ll want to add to your cart ASAP. Items that, without oil and natural gas, would have never made it on your wish list.


  1. Foot Hammock. This foot hammock for your desk on the days where you “can’t even.” BUY IT! 51jwvwy7yjl-_sy450_
  2. Pet Window. Well, you might not personally need this but your furry friend does. This pet window lets your pup see the world and look like an astronaut, all at the same time.31-ipcm-sl-_sx300_
  3. Run Away Alarm Clock. This alarm clock will jump off your nightstand (so you literally can’t hit snooze) and roll around until you get out of bed. It’s a win-win: you get out of bed and you get to go on a scavenger hunt half asleep. Cool!1e46_chemists_spice_rack
  4. Chemist’s Spice Rack. This spice rack because who doesn’t want to feel like Bill Nye whilst seasoning their frozen veggies?jensen-turntable
  5. Turntable. Talk about a party starter: This turntable plays vinyl records and has a USB connector for your iPod. Your party can be as lit or as old school as you’d like.51jka39rkfl
  6. Welcome Matt. This mat for when you need to drop a not-so-subtle hint…107e9531af3c4bacc4a19e0394f86ef0
  7. Giant Unicorn Pool Floatie. It’s a giant unicorn floatie. You need it.71gperowgjl-_sy355_
  8. Polaroid Camera. The Instax Fujifilm camera comes in tons of different colors and prints your selfies automatically. You can give said selfies as gifts or leave them behind with fun notes for your besties.

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