Can you imagine what fall Saturdays in Oklahoma would be like without college football? No “Boomer Sooner” echoing through the streets of Campus Corner. No “Pistols Firing” in Stillwater. There’d be no college GameDay. No visits from Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso. No weekly trash talk about national championships, or whose coach is a real man.

“America’s Brightest Orange” would be rather dull and the Sooners probably wouldn’t bleed crimson and cream.

There’d be no Bedlam! And what’s the point of life without that?

But the fact is, without oil and natural gas, there would be no football. Petroleum-based products create not just the uniforms for every team, it’s responsible for safety equipment, artificial turf, and construction of the ‘ol pigskin itself.

Take a look at how oil and natural gas is supporting the players of our favorite game:

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