The U.S. is the current leader in worldwide natural gas production and is expected to hold this top spot through 2023. This achievement is largely due to the ongoing shale revolution, in which Oklahoma has played a vital role as the country’s third-largest producer of natural gas.

This increase in production has led to an increase in exports of liquefied natural gas, or LNG, to countries across the world. While this is helping the U.S. economy, it’s also improving quality of life for some of the estimated 1 billion people who are currently living without electricity worldwide.


It’s also helping the environment by improving air quality, especially in Asia, where many countries were using less efficient energy sources. These countries have seen better air quality and fewer air-related illnesses.

With world energy consumption expected to increase by 48 percent by 2040, it’s important that Oklahoma and other energy-producing states continue to produce this clean, efficient energy source to continue powering the world.

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