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Thanksgiving: 10 Reasons to be thankful.

A list of ten things that we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving, all made possible by oil and natural gas. Grab a beverage. 1. Oven Mitts: Fun & fashionable...

Friday Night Lights – Fueled by Community

There’s just something about fall and football in Oklahoma. It’s hard to describe to an outsider. It’s that feeling you get just putting on your school colors. ...

Life-Defining Inspiration

In March of 2001, David Banks was living a carefree, adventurous life, until a day riding four-wheelers in the dunes of Arizona took a dramatic turn. Before he ...

Blame it on Bacteria

Methane levels have steadily been on the rise and there’s a debate raging about the actual cause. Is it man-made? Or is it a naturally occurring event? The r...
Wide angle photo of a tattered American flag blowing in the wind against a beautiful cloudscape

Veteran Character is Shaping the Industry

Honor. Courage. Leadership. Integrity. The values that define a military career are now benefitting the oil and gas industry by the thousands, as our nation’s v...

Sarah Heaton – Future Engineer

Sarah Heaton is a problem solver with engineering on her mind. The only thing she likes more than solving problems regarding reservoirs, is encountering new...

Energy Entrepreneur: Greg Archbald

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Sound familiar? Greg Archbald turned this saying on its ear by using cloud technology to connect oil and gas pumpers with the...

Maxx Crawford


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