Imagine your next BBQ or football tailgate without an ice cold beer – sounds terrible, right? Thankfully, natural gas, the source of power used to brew these tasty hops, is abundant and readily available. With natural gas production averaging 72.4 Bcf/d in the US, there’s no shortage of this power source.                          

Prairie Artisan Ales, a Tulsa craft brewery, is known for their unique blend of beers and is a favorite across the state, even across the globe. This local brewery relies on natural gas to be readily available and affordable so they can use it to power their brewing process. So, without natural gas, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy Prairie Artisan’s mind-blowing brews!

We asked some beer lovers what they would do without their favorite beverage, here’s how they responded:

“I mean, what would Friday nights be without beer?”

“Without beer? I’d probably die. Just kidding, but life really would be a whole lot less fun.”

“Not going to lie, I’d probably cry a little bit if beer didn’t exist.”

“What would I drink with my pizza?”

Luckily for us, beer does exist and a big thanks goes to the oil and natural gas industry. And of course to the breweries that make it available on the shelves and in our kegs. Hear from the guys at Prairie Artisan Ales to learn more about how important O&NG is to their business.


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