So you ate a few too many holiday goodies. That’s okay because the New Year is here, bringing with it the resolution to start fresh with a great diet plan and a membership to the neighborhood gym.

This craze to stay fit can be taken a little too far, though. Enjoy this list of insane fitness products made possible by the oil and natural gas industry.

Shake Weight: No arm workout is worth looking like this.

Sauna Suit: Feeling like you’re in a sauna is only okay if you’re in a sauna. Skip the aluminum wrap before you’re mistaken for a Chipotle burrito.

Dumbbell Utensils: Nothing is worse than a strict diet plan replacing your go-to comfort food with kale and spinach. Having to do curls to get those nasty greens to your mouth? Forget it.

Bounce Chair: Don’t be that annoying co-worker who insists on sitting on a bouncy ball all day.

The Ice Cream Diet: Not all diets are for your body — this one is for your soul. Just don’t expect to lose any weight.

Under Clothing Resistance Weights: Losing weight by putting on more weight seems counter-intuitive. Moms already know what it’s like carrying extra weight around.

Facial Fitness Smile Trainer: Just no.

Waist Trainer: There’s a reason corsets aren’t around anymore.

Cookie Diet: It’s not a resolution if your diet is already almost nothing but cookies.

Over-the-top fitness shoes: No matter how fast they say you can run, or how high you can jump, some shoes just need to die with 2016.

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