On September 4th, most of us will be on the tail end of a relaxing 3-day weekend. Labor Day looks much different for a rare breed of hard workers – the American roughneck.

Their commitment to putting in long hours, often in harsh conditions, makes it possible for us to road trip to fun destinations, cook up a feast for friends and family, kick back in air conditioning, post our holiday pictures on social media, and pretty much any other fun activity we can think up. They do it without thanks, but we’d like to change that.

To all of you roughnecks across the country who are up before dawn, missing this holiday weekend with your family, fighting hard rock, heavy chains, back pain, blisters, brutal heat and impossible deadlines – we say, “Thank you.”

You deserve our respect and gratitude this Labor Day and every day of the year. Without your dedication and tough-as-nails work ethic, life would look much different for the rest of us.


A special thank you to also to Carhartt FR for always supporting our men and women in the field. carharttfr_logo


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