March Without the Madness

Imagine your life without basketball. There would be no “Thunder Up,” or Rumble the Bison. March Madness would be more like March Monotonous. There would be no $250 Air Jordans, and Michael Jordan himself would just be known as a mediocre baseball player.

Without basketball, “dribble” would just be baby drool and a “buzzer beater” would be a great name for a fly swatter.

Without basketball, Oklahoma would still be divided between OU and OSU fans, rather than united by the Thunder.

The truth is, without oil and natural gas, we really would have a life without basketball. Petroleum-based fibers, coatings and paddings are responsible for everything from the basketball goal down to each player’s uniforms and sneakers.

Take a look at how oil and natural gas makes our favorite game possible and brings all of the Madness to March at