Today, the oil and natural gas industry is experiencing a boom in industry technology for maximizing production. The results? An influx of technology companies calling Oklahoma home. Oklahoma City-based Flogistix has seen a steady stream of clients line up for its software, products and services with no end in sight.

In 2011, the young tech startup found an innovative way to solve an old problem – how to recover more of the vapors traditionally lost in oil and natural gas production. Since then, the firm has built a solid reputation and a client roster that includes some the industry’s biggest players, such as Devon Energy, Chesapeake Energy, Chevron Energy, Anadarko Petroleum, Continental Resources and others.

Flogistix works with its clients to develop high-tech vapor recovery systems powered by sophisticated software and satellite telemetry. As gas vapors accumulate, pressure must be released. Flogistix units automatically sense vapor buildup, capture and recover gases that would otherwise be burned off or vented to the atmosphere. These assets are then sent along with produced oil and natural gas to be refined for use as fuel, or the essential building blocks for the countless plastic products we all depend on each day. The firm’s proprietary systems dramatically reduce carbon emissions, keep producers well within compliance and maximize the use of these natural resources.

“This is a very exciting time. There are opportunities throughout the oil and natural gas industry to apply new technologies to solve old problems. As more and more young people enter the industry, technology and innovation are going to play an increasingly key role.”

—Charles Crenshaw, IT Manager, Flogistix

Greater efficiency, reduced environmental impact, higher revenue, operations well below regulatory compliance – no matter how you look at it, it’s a huge win-win. But there’s another positive impact to consider. The fast-growing company is generating a number of good jobs for young, technically minded Oklahomans. One of many at the center of an oil and natural gas technological revolution that’s only getting started.

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