Wouldn’t it be great to have a world-class international research facility combining the best ideas and tech for the oil and natural gas industry right in our own state? Done. In October, GE opened their latest global collaborative research center in Oklahoma City – solely dedicated to the oil and natural gas industry.

Part of GE’s network, the Oil and Gas Technology Center is one of only 10 research facilities in the world. Hosting a collaborative environment for young professionals, the facility makes the most of local industry talent.

To test the latest ideas in well operations, the site houses two wells onsite for testing – one 400 feet deep and another at 60 feet. Engineers can simulate production environments and test new technology currently under development.

Their scientists and engineers have already started combining the latest ideas and current technology to make the industry more efficient. Current projects are testing the viability of drones to detect wellsite emissions as well as improve customer operations. GE is also using its portfolio of water technologies for separating salt from seawater and applying it to produced oil and gas fluids.

With 120 employees collaborating with local independent producers, universities and state leaders, the next generation of oil and natural gas professionals don’t have to look too far for potential career opportunities.

Oklahoma has a long and proud energy history. It’s part of the fabric of our state and continues to shape our future. With efficient technology and an international company backing new methods of production, the world will take notice of the innovation and ingenuity of Oklahoma’s oil and natural gas industry.


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