SCOOP, STACK, Play. We’ve all heard them in the news or headlines of the papers, but what do these even mean? And why are they important?

A “Play” is a group of oil fields or locations of potential oil and natural gas reserves. Areas that have the same geological properties are grouped into “plays” that are then given a more specific title usually in the form of an acronym or nickname. Oklahoma has many regions of plays throughout the state including the SCOOP, STACK, Woodford, Meramec, Mississippian Limestone and others.

Two of the hottest plays in Oklahoma right now are the SCOOP and STACK:

SCOOP = South Central Oklahoma Oil Province

STACK = Sooner Trend Anadarko Basin Canadian and Kingfisher Countiesscoopstack_map

These plays have both proven to be large producers of oil and natural gas resources and are huge economic drivers for the state. Not only through the production of oil and natural gas, but also the jobs in which they supply and the impact on local communities and businesses they surround. These oil and natural gas reserves are among the largest found in Oklahoma to date. Since being discovered they have provided hundreds of millions to Oklahoma’s economy in the form of tax revenue, economic activity, and job creation.

The SCOOP and STACK have only just begun in terms of production capabilities. These two plays will continue to have a direct economic impact on the state’s economy for years to come.

We took to the streets to see just how much our fellow Oklahomans know about these plays.


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