Abundant. Affordable. Accessible. Just three words that describe why natural gas is, and will continue to be, a leading energy resource for America, as well as for rising economies around the world. But that’s only part of the story.

 The cleaner-burning fuel.

Natural gas is the cleanest-burning of all carbon-based fuels. Not only is it contributing to lower CO2 emissions, but new technologies – like horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing – have created an unparalleled domestic abundance, making natural gas the most economical choice in nearly every application. By 2040, natural gas will generate 30% of the world’s electrical energy.

Rising global demand meets natural solution.

As the growing middle-classes of large developing countries expand, more and more energy will be required. Natural gas is the dominant resource to meet the predicted 25% rise in global demand over the next few decades. Together, oil and natural gas will continue to supply 55% of global energy through 2040.

Accessible and versatile.

The US has more than 1,232,999 miles of natural gas pipelines in place to serve the entire nation. As more CNG vehicles hit the road and new applications emerge, natural gas has the distribution network ready to supply tomorrow’s increasing demand.

Economic powerhouse.

As the nation’s 3rd largest natural gas producing state, Oklahoma stands to benefit from the world’s growing need for natural gas. Today, oil and natural gas generate $1 out of every $5 dollars of state economic activity, and support 1 in 5 Oklahoma jobs. Tomorrow, those figures could rise considerably.

Clean-burning, economical, and domestically abundant. No matter how you slice it, natural gas will continue to be the dominant energy resource for many decades to come. As new technology gives rise to improved energy efficiencies, natural gas will serve as the bridge to take us to the future.

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