Horizontal drilling is a game changer for the oil and natural gas industry. It has completely changed the way energy resources are accessed and recovered. It has allowed the oil and natural gas industry to significantly increase production and reduce its environmental footprint.

This technique allows the U.S. to keep up with growing energy demand and puts the nation at the top of the list of oil and natural gas producing countries.


Traditional oil and natural gas wells were drilled vertically down into the ground and could only access a small area within the producing formation.

Today, with horizontal drilling, wells are drilled vertically into a rock formation, then the drill bit is progressively angled until it is drilling horizontally. Through this technology, the well makes contact with more of the formation and more oil and natural gas can be produced.

This advancement is one of several that have put the oil and natural gas industry on the cutting edge when it comes to increasing production while protecting our environment.

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