There’s always been a lot of concern about two water issues as it relates to oil and natural gas production. The first, is that drilling and production could contaminate our freshwater drinking sources. And the second, is that the amount of water being used by the industry is just too much.

Water is our most precious natural resource. It’s an essential part of life. This includes the needs of the men and women who work in the oil and natural gas industry. They and their families use it too.

Which is why they and the industry work very hard to both protect and conserve this precious natural resource. From using nearly 3 million pounds of steel and cement casing during drilling and production, continuing to improve water recycling technologies, to exploring waterless production techniques, the people of Oklahoma’s oil and natural gas industry are steadfast in their stewardship of our water.

We spoke to a few Oklahomans that are on the forefront of protecting and conserving our water. Hear their side of the story.



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