Our first responders regularly put themselves in harm’s way. They are ordinary people who do the extraordinary – lay their lives on the line every day in order to protect and serve the communities in which we live and work. They are real-life heroes who make a difference. The Oklahoma oil and natural gas industry is grateful for the opportunity to help support these first responders who keep us safe and make our communities stronger.

“We appreciate the expert services provided by the fire departments, and are pleased to provide some assistance to help them continue to provide important services.” – John Doerner, Vice President of XTO Energy Midcontinent Division — one of several companies who have helped support our local guardians.

Below are just a few Oklahoma-based oil and natural gas companies who are proud to help support some of Oklahoma’s heroes- our local fire departments and first responders.

Williams, based in Tulsa, donated to the Alva, Okla. Fire Department, which helped respond to a string of wildfires with a mostly volunteer force. The grant went toward breathing apparatuses for new firefighters.

SandRidge Energy, based in Oklahoma City, donated a truck to the Ringwood Fire Department, a volunteer force that responded to several wildfires throughout northwestern Oklahoma and Kansas.

XTO Energy, based in Oklahoma City, contributed to 23 fire departments throughout southern Oklahoma to help fund operations in the rural areas they operate in.

Devon Energy — also based in Oklahoma City — is taking applications for a $10,000 grant to support emergency responders in Western Oklahoma. The grant was announced at a luncheon, where the company also provided cash donations to 20 departments.

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