What was once a drainage ditch is now a full-fledged river – banks lined with architectural marvels, a world-class Olympic training facility and a river adventure theme park unlike any other.

An industry led the way.

Oklahoma City’s Boathouse District represents a collective $450 million investment in the heart of our community. It is the grand vision spearheaded by a handful of Oklahoma’s oil and natural gas leaders, brought to fruition by voters backing the MAPS3 sales tax extension. The late Aubrey McClendon championed the building of the Chesapeake Boathouse in 2006, the first of many others that set the standard for this one-of-a-kind river district. Devon Energy and Sandridge Energy later sponsored other facilities.

The district sees more than 325,000 people each year, generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue, making a significant economic impact and raising the quality of life for all Oklahomans. While creating over 300+ jobs right here in Oklahoma.

It is also home to some of the most breath-taking modern buildings to be found anywhere – their striking angles and graceful curves make an architectural statement that says:

“This city believes in its people and it’s not afraid to invest in their future.”

Combining family fun with Olympic fame.

With the number of visitors growing each year, the district is rapidly becoming a national watersports recreation destination. Home to regattas, races and numerous celebrations and events throughout the year, it’s the perfect blend of family fun and civic pride.

The district boasts a 1,000-foot competition channel and a 1,400-foot recreation channel, each powered by a whitewater torrent of 492,000 gallons per minute. This summer, many U.S. rowing and canoe/kayak athletes are in training here for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, while families and friends take on adventure challenges of their own.

Visitors can get on the water in a kayak or stand up paddle board or stay on land and take a bike ride on the 13+ miles of trails. If you are looking for more adventure, visit Riversport Adventures and climb a multi-story sky trail, take a high-speed slide, go rock climbing, zip across the Oklahoma River on a 700-foot zip line, and much more.

Stepping up for the future.

Oklahoma City’s Boathouse District shows what’s possible when industry leaders, elected officials, and private citizens pull together toward a common goal. None of it would exist without the inspired vision and support of some of Oklahoma’s leading oil and natural gas companies. To date, they have donated about $50 million to the project.

Oklahoma’s leading oil & natural gas companies have truly opened a floodgate of civic pride and optimism – one that can only lead to a very bright future.


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