Oklahoma City-based Kimray has a worldwide impact when it comes to protecting our environment.

The company’s no-bleed pneumatic valves better regulate liquid levels, pressures and temperatures during oil and natural gas production, leading to higher efficiencies and lower emissions.

Regulating authorities issue standards that new wells be equipped with low-to-no-bleed valves, and that old wells be retrofitted with this technology to reduce the amount of emissions entering into the environment. These valves have been shown to reduce air emissions by about 50 metric tons of CO2 per device. That’s roughly equivalent to taking nine cars off the road each year.

Kimray’s products are shipped all across the globe and they have been employing Oklahomans since the 1940s, making a positive impact not only on the environment, but also within the state. Their positive impact doesn’t stop there. Whether they are building houses or helping kids learn about local job opportunities, Kimray and its employees are dedicated to giving back to the community through local organizations including the YMCA, Make a Wish Foundation, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, Science Museum Oklahoma and others that help improve the lives of Oklahomans every day.

So while they continue to protect our environment, Kimray is also boosting our state’s economy and our local community. To learn more about Kimray, visit their website at kimray.com.


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