You may have heard the terms ‘SCOOP’ and ‘STACK’ in recent news headlines, but do you know how they impact our state’s economy? SCOOP stands for South Central Oklahoma Oil Province and STACK symbolizes Sooner Trend Anadarko Basin Canadian and Kingfisher Counties.


These two acronyms represent Oklahoma’s most productive oil and natural gas plays today – keeping rig counts high and the revenue flowing.

These unique formations have multiple zones that allow producers to bring more oil and natural gas to the surface than ever before. Thanks to technologies such as horizontal drilling, these two plays rival some of the nation’s most reliable and lucrative areas – including the Permian Basin in Texas and the Marcellus Appalachian Basin in the Northeast. The SCOOP and STACK are positioning Oklahoma as a top producing state.

Stack Infographics


Every barrel of oil and every thousand cubic feet (Mcf) of natural gas Oklahoma produces not only brings America closer to energy independence, but also allows the U.S. to export natural gas to European countries such as Poland. Oklahoma oil and natural gas production, specifically in the SCOOP and STACK, are playing a vital role in our nation’s energy security and economic growth.

These plays also significantly impact Oklahoma’s economy. In fact, the oil and natural gas industry generates about $1 out of every $5 dollars of economic activity in Oklahoma. This includes everything from supporting local communities to the development of activities around the state such as the Oklahoma City Boathouse District and River Sport Rapids. The positive impact of Oklahoma’s oil and natural gas industry can be seen throughout the state.

So, the next time you hear the words ‘SCOOP’ and ‘STACK’ think of jobs, and tax revenue for schools, roads and bridges in Oklahoma. And think of record levels of energy resources and economic stability for our nation’s foreseeable future.

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