Besides providing teachers with much-needed free STEM materials, one of the most important parts of the OERB’s education program is bringing awareness to the dangers of playing on or around well sites. In conjunction with an annual well site safety outreach campaign, Governor Fallin has proclaimed April 25th as “Well Site Safety Day” in Oklahoma.

The OERB’s well site safety program started in 1996 after a tragic accident in Duncan, where three teenagers lost their lives in a tank battery explosion. At the time, they knew they had to do something to prevent more accidents from happening. Today, the OERB has two campaigns aimed at educating students about the risks associated with playing around well sites.

Duh-Duh Dangerous is targeted to younger kids from Kindergarten to 6th grade.  The upbeat messaging is kid-tested and kid-approved.  The Lucky campaign, aimed at teenagers, highlights the risks of hanging out or partying around oilfield sites. Both campaigns include a series of television and radio advertisements that air every spring, as the weather warms up and more kids are outdoors.

As part of their safety programs, the OERB offers Oklahoma educators free safety-related materials including DVDs, posters and safety folders. The materials are a creative way for them to reach students with their safety message.

To further draw attention to the importance of well site safety, the OERB held their annual coloring and poster contest for grades K-6. On Well Site Safety Day, 21 winners were chosen out of more than 3,000 entries from across the state. The winners then showcased their original artwork at the Capitol.

Students were able to interact with their legislators, and tell them all about the dangers of playing around well sites. The OERB knows they will continue to spread that message to their peers.

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