Welcome to Kiefer, a small town built by more than 100 years of oil and natural gas production that still powers its economy today. For decades, this community has been driven to provide a better future for its sons and daughters by a core of dedicated leaders – most of whom make their livelihoods in the same industry that put the town on the map.

Donating land, providing additional funding, and doing whatever it takes, owners of local oil and natural gas-related companies have consistently stepped up for the children of the community they love. First came a middle school, followed by a high school, a football field, running track and weightlifting complex, the likes of which are unheard of in a 2A school. And finally, a magnificent basketball court and event center was constructed and named in honor of an exceptional student, known as one of the most shining examples of character the community has ever seen—Caitlyn Mathis.


Today, hopes are rising as fast as the employment rate, school enrollment and the population. Many families who attend a game or school event eventually move there to be a part of it all.

“Without the oil and natural gas industry, none of this would have been possible. We’re very fortunate to have so many dedicated companies to raise that kind of money for the school, and continually expand it and put Kiefer ahead of surrounding schools.”

                           —Eddie Rongey, President, Dexxon Inc.

Along with oil and natural gas, this thriving town runs on a new kind of energy you can see every game night; kids playing their hearts out for their team, for their coaches, and for their community.

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