It’s a great time for job seekers to knock on the doors of the nation’s oil and natural gas companies. Who better to offer advice on how to open those doors than a new professional?

Robbie Horner, a geologist at a Permian-based operator, says networking, hard work and patience are key to starting a career in one of America’s most important industries. Here are his tips to landing your dream role.

Know exactly what you want.

Set a clear goal of where you want to be and envision yourself there. Fortune favors the bold, and believing in yourself is imperative to your future success. The more confidence you show, the more likely someone is to help further your career.

Be persistent and patient.

Recognize that it is work to find work and remember to be hungry, not desperate. Unreturned calls or cancelled meetings don’t mean you’re not important. Keep in mind these are busy people who have to knock a hole in their schedule to meet with you. Time and patience will prevail in the long run.

 Say ‘thank you’ in writing.

A business card, a welcoming demeanor, genuine conversation, and a follow-up handwritten note will leave a lasting impression.

Your network is larger than you think.

The contact you meet with today might not have the opportunity you’re looking for, but they might know someone who does. Your level of interest and the impression you make today could make all the difference tomorrow.

Do your homework.

Identify the oil and natural gas companies you’d most like to work for, then dig in. Read their websites, press releases, industry articles, and ask industry professionals about them; learn all you can about where they want to go. The list of applicants is long, and your depth of knowledge puts you directly at the top.

Meet them where they are.

To meet oil and natural gas professionals you have to go where they gather. Professional society meetings are a must to build your network. Dress sharp, be friendly and make the most of your time. Again, the more you know about them and their company, the more you stand out.

Build your network, then maintain it.

Maintain correspondence and follow up with your contacts. Opportunities evolve with time, and you don’t want to miss out because you fell off the map.

Give a hand up to newcomers.

Once you’re the other side of the desk, remember to give back. Paying it forward is fulfilling, and helping newcomers reflects well on you and, more importantly, on the people who helped you along the way.

“My hope is that these tips will serve as helpful snippets that will keep interested students and recent graduates working towards landing a rewarding position in the Oil and Gas industry.”

         —Robbie Horner, Geologist.

Five months ago, Geologist Robbie Horner secured his job at a Permian-based operator, headquartered in Midland, Texas. Prior to his current position, Robbie spent several months on the hunt for his dream role after graduating with his Master of Science in Geology, and having completed internships with two mid-level oil and gas operators.

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