The OERB’s latest campaign, New Energy, highlights the new faces of energy; technology-driven, forward-thinking millennials hungry to make a difference.

An estimated 50% of the industry’s employee base will retire in the next 5 years leaving millennial energy professionals to lead the charge.*

Millennials are already making an impact on company operations. Change is transpiring, and companies are starting to place an emphasis on technology and innovation.

The New Energy campaign focuses on the positive impact Oklahoma’s oil and natural gas industry has on our state. And the industry’s dedication to the livelihoods of Oklahomans and beyond.

Education: Today’s New Energy is determined to improve our future. See the energy that is moving Oklahoma forward.


Environmental: Protecting land, air and water is top priority. See the newest generation of problem solvers and answer seekers.


Economic Impact: Opportunity is abundant. See the New Energy that is built to withstand, making a lasting impact on Oklahoma’s economy.


 “Go”: The innovation is undeniable. The potential is unlimited. See how the industry is tapping the power of new ideas.


Each week, EnergyHQ builds on the campaign’s initiative to showcase young energy professionals pioneering innovation to meet new challenges with new solutions.                                  

Stay tuned.

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